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Shady Bad Guys #TBT

January 22, 2015

Every good movie has good bad guys. Looking back at The Shadow Asset now I realize I had way more bad guys than good ones. I wanted to create an isolation for the main character giving the feel she was almost on her own. This TBT goes out to the bad guys.


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Computer Hacker #TBT

January 15, 2015

A good agent always has that go-to person they can always rely on.


A Spies Life #TBT

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An industrial espionage spy sometimes leads an exciting life. Just be careful who you wake up with.

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Last Shoot Day On The Shadow Asset #TBT

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Getting the first feature film finished was certainly a daunting task. Towards the end it was really difficult to schedule people and get them for a shoot day. This is from the last shoot day. We has a real skeleton crew… I mean no crew. Just me the two actors and photographer Bob Herron. We got […]

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The Seduction Of An Assassin #TBT

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Beware of a beautiful woman who shows a little too much interest in you. She may have something sinister up her sleeve.

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Rain On The Shadow Asset #TBT

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To keep relevant with current weather here in L.A. I thought I’d post this rain photo from The Shadow Asset. The end of the movie there was a hopeless moment when the main character feels like she has lost everything and to enhance the solemn feeling I wanted her to be in the rain because c’mon rain always […]

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