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We are a motion picture company delivering you entertainment content ranging from feature films all the way to web series. We are dedicated to creating exciting compelling productions that bring a high level of enjoyment and also will make you think. Our objective is to produce well written and constructed stories and carefully executed presentations no matter what we are producing whether it be narrative and documentary movies.

In Production

Feature Documentary

Currently Wes Young is co-producing a feature length documentary all about industrial HEMP. The documentary is being produced by Matt Harmon under his War Hemp LLC. banner. While it is not being produced under Misfire Productions it is a very important project for Wes to be involved with.

The subject if you aren’t familiar with it is still a really controversial one. While the hemp plant is in no way marijuana it has been lumped in with it for many years. Hemp is not a drug at all. The documentary sheds a powerful light on the truth and potential of this amazing eco-green, versatile, carbon negative plant. It is an important commodity to the world and we need to embrace its possibilities instead of stifle it by keeping it illegal in a majority of the world.

We have already begun production and More details will be released in the coming months. Meanwhile you can head over the the movies official Facebook page and give it a like.

Below is my bog post about the documentary. Click the link to read more about it

In Development
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