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Dead Exit Zombie Horde #TBT

October 9, 2014


Dead Exit zombie extras. Some of the extras went through a long process of adding lot of makeup and prosthetic appliances including one extra had a rig that would hold an arrow in place as if he had been shot through the eye.


Ilea Matthews as Kara #TBT

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Ilea Matthews stepped up to play Kara in our John Woo tribute project.

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Makeup FX on Dead Exit#TBT

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A large team of makeup artist and extras brought the zombie horde to life.

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Zombie Killing Trio #TBT

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From Dead Exit the three main characters simply named Man 1, Man 2, and Girl. They are prepped to take on a huge zombie horde.

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John Woo Tribute #TBT

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Photos from our John Woo tribute film Price of Vengeance

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